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DARWIN owns laboratories, that cover the whole range of lifestyle- and medical genetics. Learn more about the types of genetic and metabolomic analyses we perform and how these are used in he field.


The market of genetic testing is growing rapidly world wide. With an annual growth rate of 7.6%, the testing market ist expected to double to 16 Billion USD by the year 2030. DARWINs Labs are covering various aspects of genetic testing and represent one of the leading companies in the field of genetic testing.


Novogenia Gmbh, Salzburg​

DNA analyses, that focus on non-medical interpretations of genetic traits are classed as socalled lifestyle genetic tests. Using advanced thechnologies such as Microfluidics and DNA microarrays, it is possible to determine up to 10 Million genetic variations per sample. This leads to valuable information about non-medical traits such as:​


The underlying mechanisms which forms of calories lead to weight gain​
Variation in effectiveness of various weight reduction strategies​
The genetic ability to remove certain toxins from the body​
The interaction of nutrtition and genetics, influencing what is healthy or unhealthy​


The genetic talent for performance athletics​
Ways, in which genes influence the stress of extreme exercise on the body​
The correct calories as fuel for genetically determined muscle fibers​


Identification of issues in the structure and maintainance of the skin​
Determination of the correct ingredients for dermal cosmetic products


Novogenia Gmbh, Salzburg

DNA analyses, that determine the bodies ability to break down and convert more than 2000 types of medication. Drug side effects are considered the fifth most common cause of mortality in the western world. Many of these side effects are due to the inability of the body to break down or convert drug molecules in the body, leading to severe side effects or no therapeutic effect at all. Though the analysis of several hundred common genetic variations, the bodies ability to tolerate or utilize individual drugs can be predicted. This leads to an optimized therapy plan for individuals.​


Novogenia Gmbh, Salzburg

It is estimated, that every individual has approximately 2000 genetic variations, that negatively impact his/her health. These inherited risk factors increase the risk of developing certain diseases. In many cases, genetics is a signifficant risk factor, but environmental factors also play a critical role in the progression of a disease. Since genetics is currently static and not changeable, we have to focus on modifying the environmental factors, to prevent diseases from developing. The analysis of these genetic risk factors lead to action plans with the aim to change the lifestyle and maintain health.​


HLN Genetik Gmbh, Vienna​

Currently, there are more than 8000 rare genetic diseases known to science. Medical geneticists use diagnostic genetic tests to search for the cause of such diseases to determine the further action plans in treatment and care. HLN Genetik GmbH is one of the few medical genetic Labroatories in Austria, that posesses a License to test for all genetic mutations known to science for medical purposes. Together with renowned experts such as Prof. Markus Hengstschläger, Prof. Jürgen Neese and Prof. Franco Laccone, HLN Genetik aimt to expand ist diagnostic spectrum in the medical genetic testing field in austria and beyond. ​


HLN Genetik Gmbh, Vienna​

In Vitro Fertilization as a tretment for infertility is a rapidly growing market. In Austria alone, the number of IVF treatmnts grow approximaletly 4.7% per year. As the mother ages, the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos rises rapidly. Fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities are not viable and implanting affected Embryos into the uterus does not lead to a successful pregnancy. To improve IVF success, embryos are screened for these abnormalities, to identify healthy embryos for transfer into the womb. HLN Genetik GmbH is currently the only laboratory in Austria with the license to perform preimplantation genetic diagnostics on embryos. ​


Novogenia GmbH​

ISO 9001 for​
  • Nutrigenetic testing​
  • Medical genetic testing​
  • Genetic testing for cosmetic use​
  • Metabolomic testing​

State license for medical genetic testing

Following ISO15189 QM for all laboratory tests

HLN Genetik GmbH

State license for medical genetic testing

State License for Preimplantation diagnostics of embryos



Founded in 2009, Novogenia is one of the leading European companies in nutrigenetics and preventive genetic testing. At its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, Novogenia has built a state of the art medical genetic testing laboratory and has developed novel technologies for the personalization of nutritional supplements and cosmetics based on lab analysis data. The company currently employs a staff of 250 employees. Its 4000m² facility currently houses the laboratory, the supplement and cosmetics manufacture and administration. In 2023-2024, Novogenia will complete its new facility at the same location and increase its production space 3-fold and the Laboratory space 5 fold, with the aim of being able to generate a total of €500 Million of annual revenue at this site.

Novogenia is a service provider for OEM partnerships and develops and distributes its products and services through various B2B channels.
100% of Novogenia’s shares are owned by DARWIN AG.


HLN Genetik is one of the leading private genetics laboratories in Austria, with specialized licenses for medical genetic testing and preimplantation diagnostics. Located in Austria, Vienna, the laboratory is the leading (and only) provider of preimplantation diagnostics in Austria. ​