NovoDaily represents DARWINs premier consumer brand. A wide portfolio of blood- and DNA tests are marketed to end consumers though an omnichannel strategy, including:

Influencer Marketing​
Connected TV Ads
Voucher Inserts (online shops)
TV Sponsoring​
Brand TV​
Acquisition Newsletter ​ ​
OOH (Out of Home Advertising)
Programmatic Advertising ​
Podcast Advertising​
Direct Response TV
Native Advertising
Magazine Inserts​
Sports Sponsoring (LED Walls)​
Pinterest ​
Youtube Ads​

Through the large portfolio of specific blood and DNA tests it is possible to accurately target specific target audiences effectively and at low cost. Included with every analysis result is a recommended list of vitamins and minerals at personalized doses based on the lab results. Customers then have the option to purchase their personalized supplement on a one-time or subscription basis. Repeated lab tests then allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the supplements and give us valuable data for further product optimizations through the: “Test – Supplements – Test again – optimize supplements” feedback loop. This strengthens customer loyalty and engagement and leads to continuously improving product effectiveness.

An optimized chain of personalized and targeted newsletter and push notification campaigns allow us to increase conversion and reduce churn of subscribers.

Novogenia OEM Services

Novogenia has developed the entire value chain from testing to personalized products in house. These advanced capabilities are of interest to large B2B companies for an OEM version of Novogenia products and services. Large companies such as Beiersdorf, Douglas, AMWAY and Uniqa Insurance have already formed a partnership with Novogenia. Through our international network of distributors and internal sales staff, new OEM projects are launched worldwide.


The personalized supplements based on lab tests concept is marketed through clinicians. Medical sales teams are visiting clinicians to introduce NovoMedic and its abilities. NovoMedic also holds presentations at clinician conventions to extend its reach.